Lee Camp is almost a bit of an enigma, he’s the kind of keeper that doesn’t leave you feeling secure at the best of times, the schoolboy errors, the inability to catch a ball, never being in the right place at the right time, the list could go on. But with Campy there’s this mad undercurrent, he’ll not catch the simplest shot but fire a rocket that no one expects him to get to and he’s pulling off world class saves. He’s also suddenly become a brick wall in terms of penalties and somehow he does enough to secure the point or even three.

It’s the errors though that got fans on his back and when he was dropped in favour of Trueman, there was certainly a feeling that the right decision was being made and things couldn’t be any worse but this, of course, didn’t quite play out. Perhaps it was inexperience but Trueman just wasn’t quite there yet. I suppose then the question goes, do you want someone who fills you with confidence but perhaps isn’t as good, or do you put up with the nerves and just see it through?

Perhaps it’s as a result of being dropped, or even perhaps the contrast has just helped highlight what he does do, but since he’s been reinstated he’s certainly proven his place. Since his return Blues haven’t lost a game, Blues haven’t conceded in open play from the penalties that have been given and these are things not to be taken for granted.

I personally think it’s 6 of one, half a dozen of the other in terms of Camp has come back from being dropped more hungry to retain his position combined with the contrast that has really made his performances stand out of late. I think being dropped has shown that he isn’t immune to this which is important I think. Whilst it goes without saying that in any team some players are better than others, no one should be immune to being dropped.

Love him or hate him at the moment he’s doing the job and he’s the best we have at our disposal at the moment and he’s certainly a typical Blues, not quite the best but he gives it all and I think that’s the main thing. Long may this unbeaten run continue and who knows maybe someday soon we’ll keep a clean sheet to a Championship side not in the cup!