It’s now a week since Blues confirmed the appointment of Aitor Karanka as Head Coach, in a move which we hope heralds the start of a positive new era for the club.

Most fans expected this announcement to start a flurry of activity but, in reality, there has been very little. Karanka still, officially, has no backroom team, and with the exception of both Lee Camp and Connal Trueman heading out for pastures new, all remains quiet on the transfer front as well.

Also, save for a quick one liner in the announcement last week, we are yet to hear anything at all from the new boss. Clearly the current COVID19 issues complicate matters and there could be a flurry of announcements at any point, but it is still a bit surprising that the club has not been able to arrange at least a virtual interview with the new manager to give fans a glimpse into who he is, his plans & priorities for the new season.

Dong Ren did come out of Twitter hibernation last week suggesting the purse strings would remain tight at St Andrews.

But this was a one off in response to a suggestion we splash the cash, rather than a more corporate/professional communication from the club.

Fans don’t need a running commentary on developments, and clearly there are commercial reasons why some things should remain in-house, but a week on and I think we do need something to fill the vacuum which at least hints at the path we’re taking.

We can expect the club to fill our newsfeeds with ticket offers as soon as restrictions allow, and with details of how to pre-order the new Nike kit when that’s available, and it’s only fair that in return we as fans are given at least some sense of how the club plans to use that revenue.

Karanka’s appointment will, we hope, lead to positive change on the field, but it is also important that club recognise the need for a different approach off it too… with good, open dialogue with supporters top of the list.