Yet another dull game leaves Blues fans begging for a victory. Did any player brighten the evening?

Neil Etheridge 6 (GK)

A tough game to mark Etheridge for, he was commanding and dominant at corners. However, he failed to make both the saves where he was really challenged.

Harlee Dean (C) 6.5

The Blues Skipper continues to be one of the positives in a pretty poor season to date. He dealt with the Barnsley attackers relatively well for most the game.

Jake Clarke-Salter 6

There wasn’t many standout moments for JCS tonight which is usually a good thing for a centre-back.

Marc Roberts 5.5

A game of errors and great clearances for Roberts. The Englishman nearly played Herbie Kane through in the first half when he kicked the ball off of Maxime Colin. Woodrow was also constantly getting on the better side of Roberts.

However, there was some very solid clearances throughout the game which kept Blues ahead or level.

Maxime Colin 6.5 (MOTM)

Definitely one of the brighter players in a pretty abysmal game. He looked bright linking up with Sanchez in the first half and played a vital role in the Blues goal. 

Kristian Pedersen 5

Peds has been nowhere near his standard all season so far and it remained that way this evening. An incredibly clumsy challenge to give away the penalty and multiple poor touches that gave the ball away have marked him down heavily.

Mikel San Jose 6.5

It’s became a reoccurring theme for San Jose this season that he makes some silly mistakes but they are heavily outweighed by some brilliant passes and tackles.

Riley McGree 5.5

McGree didn’t make much of an impact on the game whatsoever. He gave the ball away practically everytime he was on it.

Ivan Sanchez 6

It was certainly a game of two halves for the Spanish winger. He was the creator of most good things for Blues in the first half (not that there was many of them.)  

He was effectively nowhere to be seen in the second half though.

Scott Hogan 6.5

Although the striker didn’t do much other than goal, I think it’s important to remember the importance of that goal for Hogan. That’s now two goals in two games for Hogan which will one hundred percent be a huge confidence boost for him.

Jonathan Leko 6.5

Similarly to Hogan, Leko had very little delivery to work with for the majority of the game. He showed immense quality when needed however and pulled off a beautiful back heel to start the process of the goal.