Another incredible performance away from home provides Blues with a sensational three points. Who was the best player for Karanka’s men?

Neil Etheridge 8

Etheridge can’t stop playing brilliantly for Blues. He was courageous coming out of goal, especially during the collision with Meite. Most of all his superb penalty stop which arguably stole the show and was the key point of Birmingham’s win.

Maxime Colin 7.5

A positive performance from Colin, he was constantly thinking of the right ideas and attempting to pull them off and the only reason he has been marked low compared to the others is that he failed to execute a lot of them.

Harlee Dean (C) 7.5

A real captains performance, for most the game. He lead the defence into action for practically all of his time on the pitch, whilst also making charging runs forward with a touch of elegance. His outing was halted however due to extremely controversial refereeing decisions of two questionable yellow cards.

Marc Roberts 6.5

A better performance than usual for Roberts. He has probably had a few marks bumped up due to the team winning and high spirits so it’s hard to mark anyone below a 6.5 but he certainly looked more composed on the ball.

Kristian Pedersen 8

Peds has been poor all season really and you won’t find many Bluenoses that will argue that. However, he has to be massively praised for his performance tonight, he was dangerous going forward whilst remaining solid at the back. It was also noticeable that it was Pedersen that became the leader of the defence after Dean’s dismissal and he became the player that would fend off Reading.

Maikel Kieftenbeld 8.5

Kief has been insanely good since returning to the first team and he has been arguably the most important player in Blues’ two wins on the bounce. He massively increases the pace when on the ball, he has perfected the art of breaking up play and to cap it off he was incredible at linking up play tonight. Man of the match worthy performance.

Ivan Sunjic 7.5

A really good game for Sunjic. It’s been an inconsistent season for the Croat where he’s probably had more downs than ups but this was his best game this season for me. He linked up amazingly with Kieftenbeld and the rest of his teammates and provided an immovable shield in front of the Birmingham backline.

Jon Toral 9 (MOTM)

You couldn’t pick a fault in Toral’s performance tonight. Two beautiful goals that provided Blues with the win and multiple sublime passes, he’d be even higher if he didn’t get subbed off late on.

Ivan Sanchez 8

A simply magical performance from our Spanish wizard. He dazzled the reading left back to the extent that the defender had to be substituted. A variety of wonderful passes and crosses capitulated a great game for Sanchez.

Jon Leko 6.5

It’s fair to say that Leko gave the ball away quite a lot tonight. But he was always attempting the ambitious and positive option which has gained him some marks. He also did his defensive work excellently.

Scott Hogan 6.5

A vintage Hogan performance in many ways. He was in the right position and made the right runs 9 times out of 10. However, a fair few of them were offside and he was struck by the usual amount of bad luck when the ball hit a dodgy bounce just as he was going to find the net.

Subs :

San Jose 6.5

Gardner 7.5

Jutkiewicz 6.5