A disappointing defeat for Blues where boyhood Birmingham fan Deeney scored the winner for the Hornets. We take a look at who played best for Karanka’s side.

Neil Etheridge 6.5

An average game for Etheridge who had little to do for the majority of the match. He looked a little bit shaky when crosses came in, often over committing and coming away without the ball. 

Jake Clarke-Salter 6.5 

Probably the best out of the back 3 centre backs. He kept Watford at bay for most the game and didn’t really make a substantial mistake.

Marc Roberts 6

A few errors at set pieces have lost Roberts a couple of marks today. He did however control Deeney and co. For most the game.

Mikel San Jose 6

San Jose has struggled with the pace and intensity of the championship for most of this season but it seemed exemplified today. He played some nice passes throughout the game but it could be argued that his misplaced header is what started the penalty move.

Josh Dacres-Cogley 6.5

Cogley, like most the team, had a rather average game and there isn’t much you can say in his review. He had a few inaccurate crosses but still seemed to be relatively calm. Wether he is championship quality or not is still up for debate.

Kristian Pedersen 6.5

Peds seemed like he was doing quite well and was arguably one of the best Blues players in the opening 45-60 minutes. However, his rating took a big blow due to his rather reckless challenge that conceded the penalty and got him sent off.

Maikel Kieftenbeld 6.5

A typical Kieftenbeld performance to some extent. He was up there with the best for Blues and did a good job at picking up second ball scraps, but it’s not a Kief performance without a booking.

Ivan Sunjic 6.5 

Alongside Kief, Sunjic did a good job shielding the backline and picked up a lot of loose balls. He did however, again similarly to Kieftenbeld, give away a number of unnecessary fouls. 

Gary Gardner 7 (MOTM)

A very good shift from Gardner hands him our Man Of The Match. He was attack-minded when needed and also did a good job defensively. You can’t forget his very good free kick effort in the last few minutes aswell.

Lukas Jutkiewicz 6.5 (C)

Juke did a good job at battling for the ball and won a number of flick-ons but he never seemed to really get on the same page as Leko. His decision making late on also has to be questioned.

Jon Leko 6.5

The most positive attacking outlet for Blues for sure. He was constantly trying to take players on and work the ball into dangerous positions. He would’ve had a much higher rating had these attempts paid off.

Subs : 

Adam Clayton 6.5

Colin 6.5

Halilovic 6

Sanchez 6.5