This evening, Blues released an article covering a wide range of areas that is certainly of interest to us as fans. The club covered topics such as stadium repairs, season tickets, the academy status, and the new kit launch, and my job is to express this information below as simply and clearly as I can!

Stadium Repairs:

Unfortunately, the information provided on the stadium repairs has been limited. The club stated the process for repairing both the Kop and Tilton has been extensive and thorough, but the club will provide a further update regarding the issue early next week. A few months ago, an industry insider stated there is a “1 in 1000” chance of it all being done before the start of the season.” The club also stated around the same time, that the Kop and Tilton will be passed as safe by summer, with the bottom lower tiers (being completed block by block) being finished by the end of September. Of course, a lot can change in a couple of months, so fingers crossed the return to St. Andrews is sooner than initially expected.

Season Tickets:

The club again didn’t provide a whole lot of information regarding season tickets but did state they are going to go ahead with season ticket sales as normal, with the hope of social distancing restrictions being lifted. They also stated that contingency plans will be put in place, should the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown change. Once again, further information, including pricing structure will be made available by the club in due course.

Academy Status:

Back in September 2020, The Blues had applied for a Category 1 status under the Elite Player Performance Plan and the club are now entering the final stages of this process. The club stated, “the second round of auditing has been completed and the Professional Game Academy Audit Company (PGAAC) are now submitting our proposal.” Due to this Category 1 status, the club have made an investment in infrastructure, as well as hiring new staff members.

So, what does this mean? This means the under 23s will be playing in the Premier League 2, a higher standard of football in which the team currently play at. This should hopefully attract future talent to the club, and certainly gives young players a good reason to want to come up through the ranks at Blues. Further feedback will be provided by the club once it’s made official.

New Kit Launch:

After this season’s questionable-looking kit, Blues have provided an update as to when the new strips are likely going to drop. The club stated, “we have listened to the feedback we received following last season’s strip and having made some changes, are confident that the new kit will be popular amongst our supporters.” The club unfortunately cannot say too much at this current time, but the home kit is set to be launched in June, with no real suggestion of when the away kit will be launched.

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