Social media was set ablaze today as Almajir confirmed a consortium involving former Barcelona player Maxi Lopez and Birmingham businessman Paul Richardson are looking to buy a 21.64% stake of the club.

The stake is currently owned by Oriental Rainbow Investments and will be the catalyst to eventually takeover the club with the total value of the club at £34million.

Paul Richardson has also responded to fans on social media stating ‘Let’s get our club back’, but who exactly are Lopez, Richardson, and the rest of the businessmen behind the proposed bid?

Maxi Lopez

The group is led by former Argentine footballer Maxi Lopez. Lopez made his name when he signed for Barcelona from River Plate as a 20-year-old for €6.2M.

Paul Richardson

Birmingham businessman Paul Richardson is the current owner of HERA clothing as well as formerly being executive director of Gymshark.

When Birmingham Sports Holdings went into Receivership in 2015, Richardson was one man involved in a takeover bid back then. 

Richardson is also a Blues fan but will most likely be involved in the background of operations rather than at the forefront.

Christian Codoma

Codoma is the owner of Maxco Capital in London and Managing Director of Hong Kong based company Global Stars Management. Lopez and Sammy Yu are understood to be major shareholders of GSM.

Sammy Yu

Sammy Yu is also understood to be involved in the group, a name familiar with the St Andrews faithful. 

Not only a close friend of Carson Yeung, Yu was once elected as vice-chairman of Birmingham City Football Club under the Yeung regime.

However, Yu was quick to sever ties with the club when Yeung got arrested in 2010.

With any new owners comes real change and with the news of Lee Bowyer on the brink of losing his job at the end of this season, it could well be a busy summer at Blues, top and bottom.

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