Birmingham City has addressed the concern of recent events to a fan via email, stating that time is patience for positive changes to work, following Rooney’s less than ideal start to his managerial career at the club.

Wayne Rooney was appointed as manager at Birmingham on 11th October, days after the controversial sacking of John Eustace, who was remove despite leaving the club in 6th Place in the playoffs and overseeing two impressive wins at home against Huddersfield Town and local rivals WBA. As media attention was notability high due to Rooney’s status as one of England’s decorated strikers on modern history, it was promise as the next stage of the club’s pathway to a positive future at the club, aiming for a transformation in the style of football and targeting the club’s return to the Premier League in the near future.

However, the first three games didn’t go as expected, as the club suffered 3 straight defeats, scoring only 1 goal and conceding 6 goals. This has lead to fans being frustrated with the club with the tactics, Rooney going in too fast with the changes and even to some fans hurling verbal abuse at Rooney, which it was condemned by many fans. It has brought a bit of a negative atmosphere at the club since.

A concerned fan has reached out to the club. The user @Bluesince62, on the Small Heath Alliance forum, shared the club’s response to this fan’s concerns.

The user said below: “I know it’s only words, but this was the answer to a concerned fan who emailed in worried about the effects of the abuse received and offering support – really nice to see. Up the Wagner, Up the Manager, Up the Blues”

Although we don’t see the original email, the club’s response urged fans to be patient and to maintain hope in the face of adversity, despite the challenging start to Rooney’s time at the club:

“Thank you for reaching out to the Club and sharing your thoughts and your support. It is much appreciated after a difficult week. 

“The ambition for Birmingham City Football Club is to be world class in everything that it does. To realise this ambition, after years of neglect, changes are needed across every aspect of the Club. We have started the process. It is going to take time, but we have a plan and importantly the necessary backing to make it happen. 

Our owners and Board are in this for the long haul and have the resolve needed to achieve what they have set out to accomplish. 

“Thank you for your continued support of the team, and the Club we love, as we move forward. A brighter future is ahead of us. It will be worth the wait. 


Meanwhile, Blues coach Pete Shuttleworth has backed Rooney to be a good coach, pointing out his relationship with the gaffer and the targets for the future.

YouTube: SHUTTLEWORTH | “We’ve got the belief that we can get this right.”

During an interview with the club, published on Blues TV, he stated:

“This is our third club together and I hold him in the highest regard, We all know what a great player he was but I also think as a manager he’s going to be very, very successful.

“I always thought we had difficulties in our first two jobs in terms of at Derby County with the administration and how he dealt with that, he united the whole club, even though we were going through a period where we didn’t know if we were getting paid, if the club was going to go bust at the end of the year, it was still a happy place to go to and the players enjoyed it and were playing some good football. Although the points deduction eventually overcame us, before that we’d got a team that was playing in our identity and doing really well with the restrictions we were under.

“Then when he asked me to follow him out to America it was a great experience out there, a really underrated league in the MLS, a very technical league. Initially, it took us a little while to get the players into the football we wanted to play, but when we did last season we had some good joy out there, some good results, although we just missed out on the playoffs, it was a big improvement, we got the club going in the right direction.

“It’s great to be with him, the third club, I think he’s got all of the potential to be a really, really top coach. He’s got an instinct and an intuition to the game that I’ve not really witnessed before with other people I’ve worked with. Himself and all the other coaches, we’re here to get our style of play on this team and make it exciting for people to watch and go forward.”

Birmingham’s next fixture is against 2nd Place Ipswich Town, who only lost once in the league this season in a chaotic 3-4 defeat against Leeds. It won’t be an easy game, but fans may hope that something positive may could out of that fixture.