Ratings from the North East as Ruddy error, Sanderson OG and Sunjic mishaps condemn Rooney to a fourth defeat in five:

John Ruddy (6) – Didn’t cover himself in glory for the second goal. Some decent saves otherwise to keep the score down.

Dion Sanderson (4) – Some misplaced passes from deep but kept on trying to get them right. A lot of defending to do especially in the first half.

Emanuel Aiwu (4) – It was a chaotic display from the young centre back. Looked lost at times when Sunderland were laying rampage and that affected his movements in isolation and his passing.

Ethan Laird (6) – One of very few to take credit from this result. Engineered a comfortable display on the right flank in both boxes. Clarke, a tricky opponent was kept quiet.

Cody Drameh (6) – Adapted well in the left back position and made some good tackles and supported attacks.

Jordan James (5) – Poor with the ball but provided a good press and structure. Didn’t come out of the midfield battle with much credit before being replaced.

Ivan Sunjic (4) – Limitations on the ball were exposed again. The third goal summed it all and his off the ball actions were not in keeping with the requirements at points.

Koji Miyoshi (5) – A good contribution with the equaliser but his impact was barely to be seen for large parts of the game.

Juninho Bacuna (4) – Did some of the good bits like beating his opponents but his decision making thereafter was really poor.

Oliver Burke (5) – His pressing was important from the front but his use of the ball lacked belief.

Jay Stansfield (6) – The chaotic nature of the game suited him at points and he came to the fore for the equaliser.

Siriki Dembele (for Jordan James) (5) – No telling contributions to impact the game.

Note: Other subs did not play enough to get marked.