I am not going to comment about the Rotherham game except to say, that over the last twelve years, we have seen lots of the same substandard performances served up by players who would have struggled to make the reserve squad in Blues teams of bygone ages.

Saturday’s performance emphasised that point and no amount of denial will change that.

Only a few players came out of that game with any plus points: James, Buchanan, Laird, Dembele and Stansfield. The rest were just not up for it.

One player stood out amongst two of the poorest teams in this division. Ayala, who I thought might come to Blues with Karanka. He was magnificent and yet as a footballer, he is now an old man. But if you ever need to see guts, skill and determination by one individual, he was it. If anyone deserved to win the match it was Ayala.

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I can understand Rooney’s frustration and if we as Blues fans expect change in five minutes then Birmingham is not the side you need to watch.

Blaming Rooney for years of decline is not fair or logical and why some Blues seem to have an issue with Wayne is confusing. This guy is one of the greatest players ever to pull on an England shirt and yet the way he has been criticised is bordering on the abusive.

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His managerial experience is limited, but considering the teams he inherited and the poor positions they were in before he arrived, the job he did for them both in a very short time in charge is not at all bad. He can see exactly what is wrong at Blues: too many players are either not up for the fight or not good enough to wear the blue of this mighty city or ours.

We can all see the problem and the only way to cure it is a complete clear out between now and the end of the season.

Ruddy makes too many mistakes, the two centre backs are as brittle as a china plate. Apart from James the midfield splutters through games, giving the ball away far too often and failing to effectively link up the play. We have one decent forward, two if you include Dembele, but the service is poor.

That is what Rooney is up against. They have all been given a chance to show what they can do and most have failed.

Anderson was arguably our best player but has now been absent for two months. Hall a month longer.

With a few signings in January and fewer injuries, Blues will not be relegated and I’m sure that once they have a few wins under their belt circumstances will soon change. Then we can begin the road to success, but we should not expect miracles overnight. 

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I want to see a Blues team sweating blood for the cause, not collapsing in defeat through a lack of determination.

The two Toms were not prepared to put up with mediocracy and decided changes were needed and not before time.

So let us continue to be patient and success will come.