Callum O’Hare arrived and he came to haunt Rooney’s men. A grim Friday evening with very little to shout about.

But the voices on the terraces are starting to shout. Compared with Gianfranco Zola and his record after another defeat. And Rooney is toiling under pressure.

I said this before, Rooney needs the tools and the players to thrive. Without the players there is not much he can do. And whilst Jordan James has been thriving under Rooney’s instructions, there wasn’t much the young Wales midfielder could do last night to alter the mood.

Coventry are struggling this season and having sold their powerhouses in Hamer and Gyokeres, the Sky Blues have had to rely on other outlets. Ellis Simms hasn’t yet hit the heights he did at Sunderland but O’Hare remains a key part of all their good work.

Blues are faced with a predicament with injuries forcing Rooney’s hand last night and the new coach had to deploy Juninho Bacuna at right back. It never has worked for him there and its not supposed to. But it was no surprise to see Wright have the better of him making runs that Bacuna just couldn’t see or contain. 

The flanks didn’t particularly work well and Buchanan was faced with a similar evening on the other side. He just couldn’t get to grips with his passing and that enabled a good Coventry press to get on top of them. And when many players are failing its the system, like I’ve said before.

Injuries are certainly not helping but it merely seems like an excuse. The board wanted this football and wanted it so badly. But there’s no coherence, certainly not with the current crop. But Eustace was right. The board didn’t have the players to play the football they wanted. And he was gone.

An unfortunate sacking with Blues on an upward trajectory. A new era and new players brought in. That siege mentality and a will to play.

But Rooney must win games now. January can’t come soon enough but will the transfer window even bear fruits. I look at Bielsa to Marsch at Leeds. Marsch wanted specific players for his Red Bull style but you knew that getting specific players would take time. It just never worked out. Leeds were eventually relegated and those players that were bought are all but out the door.

It’s the same thing here. Rooney can buy the players that he wants but you’re talking a long term overhaul. And if Rooney goes, then what happens with those players. But will Rooney even see the end of 2023?

Transitions are hard in football but we’ve seen this before a la Rowett to Zola.

There’s probably no way back for the gaffer and the writing could soon be on the wall.

Eustace was right wasn’t he.