Blues start the weekend with hapless evening in six pointer. 4s and 5s as many disappoint in Sheffield:

Neil Etheridge (6) – Decent when called upon but his end always felt it was under the cosh after 15 minutes.

Ethan Laird (4) – Wasn’t at the races. Let Johnson cross in for 2-0 and wasn’t able to close down his markers quick enough.

Krystian Bielik (4) – An eyesore when having to defend in open play. Just couldnt get to grips with the home attack.

Kevin Long (4) – Like Bielik. Poveda, Ugbo and others were too tricky and silky for the centre back.

Lee Buchanan (5) – Didn’t pull any punches but did OK. Wasn’t in as much danger compared to his fellow defenders.

Ivan Sunjic (4) – The game got away from him as fast as possible and again he was poor in possession. Hooked after 2-0.

Jordan James (5) – Got on the ball well enough but after 1-0, he faded away and couldn’t make any further impact.

Andre Dozell (5) – Decent on the ball but his influence waned especially after the first goal went in.

Siriki Dembele (4) – Had the beating of his marker on multiple occasions but his end product was poor and has been for a period.

Juninho Bacuna (5) – The most likely threat. Could’ve scored but always looked dangerous.

Scott Hogan (4) – His teammates weren’t able to connect with him, to his detriment. A couple of moments in front of goal but to no avail.

Jay Stansfield (for Scott Hogan) (5) – Given time to make an impact but was given very little of the ball.

Paik Seung-ho (for Ivan Sunjic) (6) – Made some decent passes and engineered some good runs to bring light to the display.

Koji Miyoshi (for Ethan Laird) (5) – Should’ve found Stansfield when he was clean through but did open the home defence a little.

Tyler Roberts (for Siriki Dembele) (5) – He was OK. Some flashes in front of goal but nothing came of them.

Keshi Anderson (for Andre Dozzell) (5) – Given a brief cameo. A shot in the closing moments.