A bleak night in Sheffield as The Owls overcame Blues with a rampant and relatively easy victory.

A crucial game to say the least, a six pointer they say, but Blues largely ceded control after Ugbo opened the scoring for the hosts. It was an untidy goal but it was patient play from the hosts as they looked to use their fluid attack to their full advantage.

New signing Ian Poveda was promising and tricy on the night and did all he could to upset the away defence. Andre Dozell was on the wrong end of Poveda’s neat footwork as the hosts opened the scoring.

Mentality is key in battles like this, on nights like this, when form really goes out the window. Mowbray’s men were promising in the opening fifteen minutes with Jordan James looking lively on the ball. Pundits have been saying that the team should be built around James but firstly, the club must avoid the drop in order to match his ambitions.

But James must see light at the end of the tunnel and at the moment Blues are just in the thick of it. They couldn’t lose this game but they did and now it’s The Owls who look like as if they might do some damage from here.

Mentality shifted badly after 1-0 and it was a case of hoping for the best. Menatlity is always a big question mark of footballers especially when there’s a lot at stake. Mowbray is a man with experience but he arrived at a time when the players were on their knees. It’s unfair pressure on the man at the helm at the moment but he has to instill some sort of self belief in the players before another crucial encounter on Tuesday night.

And incidentally, its the return of John Eustace as his Blackburn outfit come to town in midweek. A hugh blow if Blues come away with nothing in their next game not just in the context of their season but in regards to the man the club let go.

Eustace will be out to prove a point and rightly so. A young, promising coach wgo had the club at its peak this season after their memorable Friday night triumph over the Baggies. But last Friday night was nothing like that.

It’s QPR v Norwich later and Blues are in danger of being only one point clear of the drop zone. Stoke City are also in danger and their Premier League heritage is in danger of being a far cry away.

The Championship does no favour and only rewards those teams who can fight all the way and who can make the right decisions and who can put runs together.

Wednesday were down and out under Xisco but its the new man who has brought together a new philosophy and a more suitable playing style.

But it’s more than just a style for Blues at this moment in time. It’s about belief, confidence and inspiration.