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Alan Watton

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Somebody please do something?

Three weeks ago, I pointed out the foolishness of announcing Pep Clotet’s desire to leave the club. This immediately demotivated every player in … Read More

It’s getting tight!

Only 5 points above the relegation spots... Yes, I know if you factor in the Wigan situation it's eight! Problem is, Wigan are appealing and if the … Read More

Can Pep steer the off-course ship away from danger?

As the season re-opened Blues were “More or less safe from relegation”. The threatened points deduction by the EFL had come to nothing and Blues … Read More

We’ll meet again… Pt. 2

Ironically the passing of Vera Lynn aged 103 coincided with the Bluenose Nation meeting again, albeit virtually and certainly spiritually. Before … Read More

We will meet again…

In the week we ‘celebrated’ Victory in Europe and recognised the fact that without the sacrifice of the great generation none of us would be even … Read More

How you ‘keeping’, Blue noses?

20th day of isolation down here on the Sunny south coast. Haven’t seen a ball kicked, batted, 7 ironed or potted in the middle bag in all that … Read More