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Did Dong try to control Blues like a computer game after Monk?

End of Monk With the falling out of the board and Garry Monk, which caught all us noses by surprise, it was revealed later that Monk and Dong … Read More

REPORT: Swansea 0 Blues 0 – Strategic Karanka will wait to re-introduce Hogan

Unfortunately I had to watch todays game using a link someone was kind enough to provide me with for Swansea fan tv. Before the game there was a few … Read More

Hogan’s introduction may see key players leave

Blues fans will be delighted with the signing of Scott Hogan from local rivals Aston Villa, who was unveiled late last night for an undisclosed … Read More

Scott Hogan update, are Blues finally on the right track?

Scotty Hogan, who has made his interest clear to his agent and to Villa about returning to Blues, may have to bide his time until the transfer window … Read More

Fearless Blues display stuns Play-Off finalists Brentford

Before today’s game Blues fans were treated to unexpected news that Juke would be starting up front and perhaps news that a lot of us were … Read More

‘Park the Bus’ and ‘Be a c**t’. Is this the new way under Karanka?

Anyone who has watched 'All or Nothing - Manchester City', from their record breaking 2017/18 season, will most probably rememberer Pep Guardiola's … Read More