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Sean Kennedy

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Report: Blues pick up priceless three points at Hillsborough

What an important win! It might not have been pretty, it might not have been straightforward but at the end of the day, we take three valuable points … Read More

A shocking performance as Blues taste defeat once again

Same old, same old, same old. I feel I've written the same thing for at least a month: it was once again a shocking performance from Blues. This game … Read More

Report: Blues fall into bottom three after defeat on the South Coast

Now it's time to panic. Blues have won 1 of their last 11 games and now find themselves in the bottom three as relegation rivals Rotherham, … Read More

Match Report: Blues throw away two valuable points V Coventry

Today's game was a huge match for Blues. A win today would've taken us on level points with the Sky Blues and allow us to begin to distance … Read More

Match Report: Blues get back to winning ways

What a performance! What a result! A much needed 3 points to take back to St Andrews. Blues became just the second team all season to beat Boro … Read More

MATCH REPORT: Man City V Blues – A respectable second half

There it is. The fixture that has kept many fans awake with fear over the past few weeks is out of the way and nowhere near as bad as anyone … Read More