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Blues’ Deadline Day Signings Quiz

Transfer window deadline day can often be one of the highlights of the season for football fans.Monday had Blues fans constantly refreshing … Read More
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What could Brexit mean for Blues?

It’s the topic that’s dominated the news and pub discussions across the country for the last three years. It’s impact on jobs, immigration and … Read More

Blues’ Spanish Inquisition

The club’s recent and sudden announcement that Pep Clotet will be leaving at the end of the season marks the latest departure of last summer’s … Read More

Forgotten Faces Quiz

We're a few weeks into lockdown now and most of us have got a lot of free time on our hands. To help you kill some of that time (and give us … Read More
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Alberto Escobar: The man behind the run?

With Blues currently sitting pretty on an 12-game unbeaten run, there’s been a few suggestions as to what’s caused this recent surge in form … Read More