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Rooney’s woes continue: Fans’ confidence at an all-time low

Birmingham’s fixture on Friday night against Coventry was a turning point. Under the management of Wayne Rooney, the team faced a dire run of … Read More

A familiar sinking feeling as O’Hare haunts Blues

Callum O'Hare arrived and he came to haunt Rooney's men. A grim Friday evening with very little to shout about. But the voices on the terraces are … Read More

Player ratings – Coventry City 2-0 Birmingham City

Another defeat as O'Hare haunts Blues. Ratings from Coventry as Buchanan, Miyoshi and Bielik toil.John Ruddy (6) - Maybe would've saved the … Read More

Blues vs Coventry Match Preview

Blues will make a short trip to the Coventry Building Society Arena on Friday evening, following a television selection from Sky. They will be … Read More

Are we all missing the point?

I am not going to comment about the Rotherham game except to say, that over the last twelve years, we have seen lots of the same substandard … Read More
  • By Roy Gregory
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Festive cheer awaits as many fail to deliver

Things calmed after a thrilling but concerning encounter at Blackburn in midweek. But Rooney's men were unable to conjure any sort of early festive … Read More